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Welcome to my photography blog!

I am a Programmer, Photographer, Painter, Poet, and Potter.

I developed this site as a part of my final project for my Web Programming and Database Development degree from Dunwoody College of Technology. It uses Bootstrap 3 and the LAMP stack. I used CSS grid layout for the images in the gallery, and the lightbox is created with Bootstrap 4.

My blog is currently being further updated, but you can link to some recent posts below.


Recent posts


Megan + Tyler
Published: May 29th, 2022

The wedding of Megan and Tyler in Stillwater, MN.




Pinewood Derby 2021
Published: April 13th, 2021

The Derby looked a little different this year but was still a fun event. V's car was called "Rainbow Portal" and got 2nd place.

At the park, we discovered a lost pet parakeet. It was eventually caught and turned over to animal control.




Violette the Ninja
Published: April 10th, 2021

Our daughter competed in her first-ever Ninja Warrior competition, and she got third place and qualified for Nationals. We are very proud of her; it was fun watching her fly through the air.

It was also fun to have her great-grandmother watching and cheering her on. She will be 97 this month!




Minnehaha Falls -> Mississippi River
Published: January 2nd, 2021

We decided to take a winter hike and see the nearly frozen Minnehaha Falls. Since it was so nice out, we continued our hike all the way to the Mississippi River.




Such Nice North Shore Ice
Published: December 28th, 2020

A day trip to the North Shore for some winter exploration. It was a lovely way to spend a day, and even Louie, our standard poodle, got to go.

Most pictures were taken with my Canon 5D Mark IV, but I also got to experiment with my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and I'll say I'm very impressed.




Black Friday 2020
Published: November 27th, 2020

I went to Westwood Hills Nature Center to do my kind of Black Friday shopping.




Our Family 2020
Published: November 7th, 2020

The 2020 version of our yearly family portrait at Lake Harriet.

After, since the weather was amazing, we walked along the lake and Violette asked for an impromptu portrait session.




Autumnal Colors at the North Shore
Published: September 27th, 2020

We took another day trip "Up North" to check out the fall foliage. Not only was it peak colors, but there was an amazing rainbow.

We handed my Canon 5D Mark II to Violette (7 years old) so she could take some photos, too!




Fun at Gull Lake
Published: August 15th, 2020

More fun at Gull Lake (while it lasted).




Published: July 15th, 2020

A rather random selection of images made during our COVID-19 quarantine.

All taken with the Canon 85mm 1.4L IS lens.




North Shore at f1.4
Published: April 25th, 2020

We took a day trip "Up North" to get out of the house, which was much needed.

All of these images were taken with the Canon 85mm 1.4L IS lens.




Lunch Poem: April 18, 2019
Published: April 18th, 2019

A reference to 'Lunch Poems' by Frank O'Hara; it is believed that many of them were written during his lunch break. Similarly, I took these images over my lunch break.

These we all taken with the Canon 50mm 1.2L lens.




Ricke Christmas 2018
Published: December 29th, 2018

These pictures were taken during the Christmas season. Of note, it was Violette's first time ice skating.




Sugar Plum Fairy
Published: December 16th, 2018

Vi was in the Nutcracker this year, and she played a sugar plum fairy. It was pretty exciting for her since she had to audition for a part.

Check out the cute ballerina doll Lisa made for her!

It was also pretty special to have her cousin Grayson watch the performance.




Halloween 2018
Published: October 31st, 2018




October 2018 in Minneapolis
Published: October 25th, 2018




Fun at Minnetonka Orchards
Published: October 13th, 2018




Weekend on Gull Lake
Published: September 18th, 2018

What a fun weekend for being on the water. Thank you Robin and Freddy for the invite!




Evening at Lake Harriet
Published: September 13th, 2018

We went back to Lake Harriet to set up the tripod and copy the family photograph we took when Louie was just a little pup.

After, we walked to the Bread & Pickle for some celebratory ice cream.




Evening at MN Nice Cream
Published: September 12th, 2018

As a part of our summer quest to eat and rate various specialty ice cream parlors, we stopped out at MN Nice Cream in Northeast Minneapolis.

Photos taken with the Canon 50mm 1.2L lens.




Lunch Poem: September 11, 2018
Published: September 11th, 2018




Basement Portraits
Published: September 10th, 2018

A self portrait and some portraits of Louie Rainbow.

Taken with the Canon 50mm 1.2L lens.




North Shore 2018
Published: September 9th, 2018

Some images from our annual trip "Up North."

The idea for our family Christmas card this year was to taste different specialty icecreams, rate them, and take photographs of them, which is why you'll see some icecream photos from the North Shore.




Grand Ole Creamery
Published: September 7th, 2018




Vi's 1st Day of Kindergarten
Published: September 6th, 2018